7.62x25 Pistol project
This is a 7.62 x 25 pistol built using parts of a PPS43 kit, it uses the bolt,
barrel, mag well, front shroud, rear sight and grip assembly.  The receiver
is fabricated from DOM steel tubing and precision machined steel parts.
       This is a prototype kit, the kits will include a blank receiver with
attaching lugs welded on, front and rear trunnions, a front extension to weld
on the bbl jacket, recoil spring, rod to make FCG pins attachment pins,
cocking handle, buffer, lower receiver, firing pin sleeve and all the rest of
the necessary hardware. Parts are being manufactured and will be
available shortly.  Several different kits will be available for several skill
The videos below are the last range tests, we fired several hundred
rounds through the prototype and gave it a thorough beating. It passed
the tests with flying colors.  
Double click on the videos to replay them.
    The photo below is the final design for the receiver, it has a couple of
improvements, I have added an upper and lower rail to hold a cross bolt to
retain the rear cap and to mount the rear sight on.  The lower is in the
final design stage with the addition of a safety. This is the last part that
needs to be ordered.   
   I hope to have this new prototype finished by next week and to give it
some final testing. So far it has exceeded my expectations on function and