MG 42 Receiver Tutorial
 This tutorial will cover the complete build process using a Wise Lite Arms rear receiver. This is a 100% receiver that
needs to be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer. It is a BATF approved design for a semi automatic firearm and
must not be modified from it's factory configuration.
   We will be building the rear section first before attaching it to the barrel shroud. The first step will be to prep all the
necessary parts from the kit, this includes removing rivets, burrs, cleaning and blasting.
   The parts are the receiver rails, recuperator bolts, recuperator, cam piece, grip retainer bracket, buffer latch stud and
    First we will modify and fit the recuperator. Clearance cuts need to be made to clear the bolt block in the bottom of
the receiver. The bottom is cut out and material is removed from the sides so it will be easy to remove and install the
recuperator with the rails in place.
    The right side of the recuperator is flattened out and ground to the same height as the left side. This will allow
clearance for the retracting lug on the bolt and still allow it to guide the recoil spring.