Parts, Tools and Materials:

First you will need a kit, prices vary from $299.00 on up. The kit I am using for this build is a
“B” grade kit from Ohio Ordnance Works. They have “A” grade kits and kits with a side
plate, rivets and machined internals. This last option is a good deal as it has everything you
need and it is a serial numbered side plate, so you will have a legal transportable, saleable
gun when done.

The kit I got has some external wear, but the internals are like new. Since I will be
refinishing the entire gun the exterior condition is not an issue.

Right side plate, I am using a side plate from Halo Manufacturing, Their plates are
exceptionally nice and competitively priced. They also make a very good set of rivets that
includes the front cartridge stop.

Semi auto trigger, sear, and trigger spring. The most common and the best is a KMP setup,
these are available from several sources, Ohio Rapid Fire is one.

For tools you will need a drill press, shop press or rivet gun, a bucking bar, an assortment
of drill bits, a 60 degree countersink, clamps, files and a few other common tools.

You will need to get your internals machined for the new trigger and sear, there are
instructions to DIY or you can get the work done.

The Receiver Group:
The Top photo shows the interior from the right side, the bottom plate is installed as
well as the extractor cams. The bottom photo shows the left side with the sight base,
feed bracket and pintle pad installed.

Getting Started:
The first step is to inspect your kit and make sure it is complete, then separate the parts
into groups.

Recoil Group: Starting from top to bottom, left to right
Recoil spring
Recoil spring guide
Lock frame with accelerator
Barrel extension with bolt lock block and pin
Locking cam and screw
Retracting handle

Bucking Bars, this is a basic bucking bar for the rear bottom rivets. It is 1/2″ thick 7″ long
and 1.554″ wide. if you are doing one or 2 builds it will do the trick, it works well and is
better than spending $75.00 to $100.00

1919 Bucking Bar: $25.00
Shipping: $6.75 via priority mail