AK Gas tube Swedge set $22.00
The set consists of a locking steel collar
for the OD of the gas tube and a steel
Swedge to press out the ribs. No heat is
needed, the outer ring prevents cracking.
Produces professional results in a few
We are going to make an AMD65 length gas tube. You want to cut the
tube 1/8″ longer than needed. In this case the collar is in the right spot
butted up to the hand guard retainer. Tighten the collar and using the collar
as a guide cut off the excess.
With a file or sander square off the end of the tube flush with the
collar. Use a punch to flatten the ribs to make starting the swedge easier.
Mark the depth you want to press in the swedge, in this case it is 1/4″
insert the swedge and with a press or large clamp press it in to the required
After pressing it in loosen the clamp and knock out the swedge with a
rod and remove the collar.
You now have a perfectly formed end ready for final trimming. You can
use the collar to scribe the finish trim line to get it square.