Here is a video of a range test of a RPD.
This guy gave them a thorough wringing out running about 500 rounds through
each. The one with the 16″ barrel is a lot of fun to shoot!

RPD Build Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through building a semi auto RPD using a Wise Lite Arms
receiver and semi auto fire control group. The first part will be using a kit with an
assembled barrel. A separate tutorial will cover the build using a new barrel.

The first step is to inventory your kit and identify the parts, use the photos below for this.
Lower grip frame group, from the top, recoil spring, recoil spring
retaining plug, operating rod, receiver pin and lower grip frame assembly.
Bolt carrier group, from the top, bolt assembly, left & right locking
wedges, bolt carrier with piston.
Barrel group, barrel assembly with gas system, bipod and front sight.
Hand guard & feed group, hand guard halves & screws, feed cover
assembly, feed tray assembly, feed cover pin and drum bracket.
Machining the internals

The Bolt carrier group

This is an advanced build and requires a mill and special tooling to complete properly.
Some of the work requires holding close tolerances within a couple of thousandths of an
inch. Failure to hold tolerances can result in a non functioning or dangerous firearm. Critical
portions of the build are in yellow text.
The first step is to machine out the FA sear, this should be done with a
1/2″ carbide end mill. Machine it down to the bottom of the recess on the
bolt carrier.