VZ58 Build Tutorial

This build will be done with an ORF receiver, compliance parts set and
a VZ58 parts kit.
You will need a #26 drill bit / .147″ and a 4mm / .1575″ reamer for the
barrel pin hole. The reamer is available from MSCdirect.com
Part # 02296408 for about $14.00. It may seem like an unnecessary
expense, but it is the right tool to get the barrel pin to fit properly.

The head space gages are available from several gunsmith supply
vendors. You will need a Go gage at the minimum.

If you want to duplicate the original gray color it is available in Duracoat
at Lauers
The first step is to strip the barrel assembly then remove the barrel pin.
They are in there really tight and they will not be used, so the easiest way
to remove it is to drill it out. Use a good sharp bit with cutting fluid.
Next press off the receiver stub, they are really tight, so you may want
to just split it on the bottom with a hacksaw or dremel.