MG 34 semi-auto
Receiver Tutorial
          MG34 Weld jig kit  $185.00 plus $8.95 shipping
The kit contains the jig and materials needed to do a reweld on an MG34
receiver. It contains the jig body and brass and copper backers for the
welds, a wrench and extra dowels and screws.
The Jig consists of 3 main parts:

Top plate, this sets the length of the receiver from inside the feed cover,
this is critical so the feed cover will fit and latch properly. It also sets the
front and rear sections square. All the rest of the sections will be worked
off these parts.

Center clamp bars, the outer bars will align the parts in the bolt slot and
the center bar allows the top plate to be securely clamped in place,
holding the parts rigidly to prevent movement and warping.

Feed tray spacer shim, this fills in the feed tray area to align the front
section and allow the parts to be clamped tightly and aligned.
Center clamping bars installed in the receiver. The jack screws on the ends
spread the bars to align the parts from the bolt channel.
The feed tray spacer fills in the gap for the feed tray. It will need to be
thinned out a little to match the depth of the feed tray cut.
The top plate completes the assembly, locking all the parts securely
together and in perfect alignment for welding.